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Symetec represents a range of strong and versatile equipment lines that are used in almost all facets of the food industry - meat, poultry, seafood, bakery (cookie, pastry and bread doughs), vegetable, meat substitute, dairy, snack and confectionery.

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The Formatic range of forming & portioning Machines

Don’t underestimate the capabilities and speeds of these robust and reliable forming machines. Used by small and large manufacturers alike with speeds of 1200 per hour to 24,000 per hour dependent on model and forming drum chosen.


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The Rheon encrusting Machines

Co-extrudes a casing with a filling at the same time for unique, tasty and attractive ready meals, snacks, finger foods, health foods, catering, confectionery and so much more.

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Ball Roller for machine or hand feeding

Independent ball rolling machine which can be fed from any machine by conveyor or hand fed. Rolls balls from cylindrical portions. Fully hose washable. Solid plastic belt or wire belt for soft and hard food materials such as meat balls, potatoe balls, protein balls, rum balls etc.

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Traymatic automatically forms and trays to any tray size

The Traymatic employs the venerable Formatic forming & portioning system and mounts it over a moving table on which the tray is placed. You choose the spacing between products and hence the numbers of rows and columns which can be memorised for every product.

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Econo coating and fry lines in a number of widths

Independent predusters, batter or tempura enrobing, crumbers and a range of continuous flash fryers with many options to suit your product and production requirements.

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The extreme quality Rheon Stress Free bread and pastry lines is very well known

Rheon bread and pastry lines for small, medium and large bakery manufacturers.
There’s no equal.

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180 Stacker

The 180 Stacker uses the Formatic principle to form & portion and then stack up to 75mm high with or without auto-paper interleaving. Self standing, it features a 200kg three piece hopper, inbuilt hopper chiller and auto-wire clean. Stacks up to 8,000 products per hour.

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Want high production forming - think DD12000

The DD12000 employs two drums in a Formatic 180 style configuration allowing it to produce from 12,000 to 36,000 pieces per hour. Using a converging belt, the production can be bought together to feed across a 360mm wide belt. 200kg hopper and inbuilt chiller included.

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Spreadmatic for sandwich producers

Automatic spreading for 1000 to 6000 slices per hour.
Sandwich assembly lines available as well.

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Baxx - Airborne virus & Bacteria eliminator

Baxx offers 24 hour protection for food manufacturers from airborne bacterial, virus, mould and fungus spores. Low cost / minimal maintenance.

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About Us:

Symetec represents a range of strong and versatile equipment lines that are used in almost all facets of the food industry - meat, poultry, seafood, bakery (cookie and bread dough), vegetable, meat substitute, dairy, snack and confectionary.

 The strength of this versatility falls on two of Symetec's major equipment lines - the Rheon encrusting machine from Japan and the Formatic Forming & Portioning machines from the UK.

The Econo System coating and fry lines from the UK, the strong German mixers from Eberhardt, the flexible tunnel ovens from Helix, as well as the Spreadmatic automatic buttering machines all reinforce Symetec's solid reputation of supplying versatile and robust equipment lines.

Symetec commenced business in 1995, although the owner has been associated with Rheon and in the food business since 1988.

Symetec is located at Brookvale on the Northern Beaches Area of
Sydney, Australia.
We also have an administration and spare parts office in Auckland,
New Zealand - (although all sales are handled out of Sydney).

Therefore, NZ customers can pay for equipment and spare parts in NZ dollars to a NZ bank account and need not be concerned with exchange rates or arranging international transfers.

Pricing Policy:
Symetec quote machine and parts prices using the appropriate exchange rate of the day. This insures that our customers receive the best price, and not an inflated price from an annually calculated price list.
Our quotations remain subject to confirmation and can be adjusted to the latest exchange rate right up until order time. Once we accept an order, the price is then fixed and firm.

* All large machine pricing includes sea-freight, duty, insurance and clearance (but not GST) within the metropolitan area of any capital city - ie: door to door.
This policy includes the cities of Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand.
Symetec believes that our customers wish to know the total cost
to them of any machine purchase and not be surprised by hidden or undisclosed costs later.
Wherever it is a viable alternative, airfreight is offered as an "add-on" cost to a machine for the purchaser to consider in case they would like a faster delivery.
Smaller machines will be priced automatically with airfreight included.

Where some machinery requires custom made components - eg: forming drums, rings & nozzles etc, these are not included in the machine prices as these parts need to be determined on a case by case basis. However, when a price for these components is quoted, it will still always be inclusive of freight, insurance, duty, clearance and delivery with the machine.

* Parts pricing also includes freight, insurance, duty and clearance whenever quoted, although freight and delivery costs may vary according to the urgency requested and therefore the final freight and delivery methods used


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