Symetec 2016


Symetec’s under $20k list:
Delivered price to the metro area of any capital city.

1 x R1200 Formatic forming & portioning machine and up to three standard forming drums.

1 x R2200 Formatic forming & portioning machine and up to two standard forming drums.

1 x Spreadmatic R auto buttering machine - 1000 slices per hour.

1 x Spreadmatic C auto buttering machine - 3000 slices per hour.

1 x Spreadmatic I auto buttering machine - 6000 slices per hour.

Up to 5 x Baxx 800-S airborne pathogen killers for your critical manufacturing areas.


Ball Rolling Machine.

Deighton have introduced a ball rolling machine to their range.
It is a self standing machine of approx 1.3m long and can be hand fed or machine fed - eg: direct from the Formatic forming & portioning machine.

Two versions are available:
 - A wire belt version which is best for meats and firm products.
 - A plastic conveyor belt version which is best for soft products such as cookie doughs, potatoe, falafel etc.

The plastic conveyor version can be fitted with an option seeder device to apply seeds, coconut, sprinkles etc to the surface of the ball as its being rolled.

See a small video here at the top of the Formatic page.

High Speed forming & portioning machine from Deighton.

Deightons addition to the Formatic range of forming & portioning machines includes the new double drum DD12000, capable of 12,000 burgers per hour and up to 36,000 nuggets per hour production.

The new high speed machine features a 75 litre or 200 litre hopper and inbuilt chilling system to keep the product at optimum forming temperature.

The new DD12000 is accompanied by a new 180 model stacking machine with the same inbuilt chilling system and hopper options and capable of up to 8,000 burgers stacked with paper interleaving. Stack number is selected easily by a counter.

View a video of the new DD12000 here.

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